The Entrepreneur’s Trek

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Written by: Navi Ganancial, Entrepreneur/Consultant at Ivanhoe & McToterson

Life is a journey and sometimes you just need to break away from the pack and blaze your own trail. Entrepreneurs breathe, embody, and live this statement everyday. Their journey is one of ups and downs, but their reward (not always financial) is worth the trip. If you decide to take the entrepreneurial trek, you must understand that you will face a lot of adversity, second-guessing, worrying, risk, fear, and possible failure. At the same time, you will also experience a lot of joy, self-fulfillment, self-enrichment, and accomplishment in various ways. In our previous blog article, we stated that courage is an entrepreneur’s most valuable asset. In this article, we want to highlight that you should never give up on becoming an entrepreneur.

Check out this cool infographic.

Nothing ventured. Nothing gained.

Speaking of Michael Jordan, did you also know that:
– He missed over 9000 shots at goal (that is more shots than an average NBA player even takes)
– 26 times he was given the ball to take the game winning shot and missed

Have you ever watched the movie The Replacements? The movie is about a rag-tag team of replacement players who are called on to finish the season’s last four games when NFL players go on strike. In the movie actor Gene Hackman says “Winners always want the ball.” Michael Jordan wanted to win. He wanted the ball. Regardless if he missed or not, he always took the shot.

Do you want to reach the top of Mt. Entrepreneurship? If so, then take your shot and go for it. If you fail, try and try again. Never forget that no matter what obstacles come your way, stay focused and persist. Keep your mind fixated on reaching the top and finishing your trek!

The Entrepreneur’s Trek is not for everyone; however, it is rewarding and fulfilling for those that decide to follow this path. For those of you who decide to diverge and blaze your own trail, we wish you the best and hope for future success. If you need encouragement, words of advice, or insight from those who have conquered the Entrepreneurial Trek, please contact us at or leave us a comment. We are more than happy to help you along your journey.


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